Soft Wash- SW45HC-Skid

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Hydro Max SW45HC-Skid

Unit dimensions 48" L x 48" H x 34" D

Now Available with Remote Control Wash/Rinse Switching

This is a fully self contained and automated Soft Wash System. Unit can be switched from chemical spray to rinse with a simple push of the button or Remote Control. All mixing of the spray mixture is controlled by the three valve proportioner and sent to the mixing tank by a 12V pump. Set the desired ratio and the 12V pump system will keep the mix tank filled. The 12V pump will automatically stop when the mix tank is full or if the pump is in the off position. Soft Wash pump will also automatically bypass to the correct tank(mix or water) depending on which cycle is selected. All chemicals can be stored within the system. Package includes:

  • Remote Control Switching- Rinse or Wash (optional)
  • Honda GX Engine- Electric Start
  • Comet Pump P40
  • 12V Mixing Pump- Automated
  • Built-in Transfer Pump- used to pump SH from drum to holding tank
  • 55gal Mix Tank
  • 55gal SH Tank
  • 7gal Detergent tank
  • SS Frame
  • 2ea- Automatic 3 way vales
  • Auto Shut-off on mix tank
  • Pro-Portioner System
  • Rinse or Wash with flip of a switch
  • Aux lines for filling SH tank using on board 12V pump system
  • Water connection to connect to existing water tank


  • 110 gal water supply w/ Stainless steel frame. Designed to connect to skid

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