Finance Options

Types of financing

1) This option is a more traditional loan. Available to businesses as well as individuals(no business name required).   Once application is submitted, we usually have an answer within 10-20 minutes(during business hours).  This type of financing usually offers better rates but does requires higher credit scores than option 2.  Also,  this type of financing can be paid off at any time without fees or penalties.

2) Clicklease. (descibed below- Max $15,000).  Very simple process and be completed by the customer.  This option is a lease/purchase.  This type of financing has the easiest approvals but will usually be at a higher rate than traditional financing.  Also, this type of financing can not be paid off early.  Payments are due for the length of the contact.

Option 1

Credit Application

Interest rates vary from 0%-8.99%(up to 4 years)-(Depending on program/credit). Short term(18 months) available at 0%. 5-6 year financing available(10.99-12.49% Depending on approval/term length).   These programs are usually available with $0 down.
Finance terms can be selected after approval.  Terms are selected when purchase documents are generated.  Short term programs(0%, 18month) are normally limited to smaller purchases.($15,000 or less).  Larger purchases would be on the longer term programs(5-6 yrs).  All programs can be paid off at any time with no penalty.
​Please apply below or call with any questions on how this financing works.

Option 2

Clicklease Application