Golden Gator- Safe Degrease/Cleaner-Powder Detergent

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Powder Detergents

Golden Gator- Powder

Two Drum Package

"Golden Gator" is a concentrated powder degreaser. It is designed to clean concrete surfaces. The powder can be applied to a wet surface and allow to dissolve or it can be made into a liquid and used through a sprayer to pre-treat spots. This product contains an organic solvent to remove the oil and grease stains..


Powder detergents are shipped in sealed buckets.  They can be used to make full 55 gallon drums of liquid detergent.  They are stable after fully mixed with water and should not settle when mixed completely.  The powders can be used in small quantities to make small batches (5 gal pail etc.).  The powders also make excellent cleaners when used in the powder form.  They can be lightly spread over a wet surface(such as concrete) and allowed to dissolve on the surface.  Because they are 100% pure cleaners- No Fillers-, they will be very aggressive on removing stains, oil, grease, dirt, etc.

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