Hydro Max - HB680-12 (12 Volt Burner)

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Hydro Max HB Series- "Hot Box" 

Model: HB680-12

Rated: 6-8 gpm up to 6000psi

12v Burner 

Note: Requires an engine with a minimum 17amp charge system for 12v Burners

The Hydro Max HB series is designed to connect to a cold water pressure washer (or any water supply) and heat the water up to 250 degrees (F) as it flows though the system.  Power for the burner is supplied by either the 12v(DC) or 120v(AC). No minimum pressure is required to operate the burner.  This system uses a Flow Switch to control burner operation.  When water is flowing, the burner can start.  If water flow stops, the burner will stop.
  • Turn any cold water pressure washer into a Hot Water system
  • Hot water generator
  • Can be added to any water source to generate hot water- no pressure needed-works off of flow
  • Available in different sizes to match your needs
  • Available with 12V or 120V burner
  • Compact design
  • Stainless Steel coil wrap
  • Adjustable thermostat (up to 250 deg F)
  • Rupture Disc- safety
  • Standard w/ 36in connector Hose- connect to your pressure washer
  • 5 gal Fuel Tank


Unit dimensions 35" L x 20" W x 30" H

Note: Requires an engine with a minimum 17amp charge system for the 12V burner

Photos may not be of the exact Model. Different models may vary with different engine and pump combinations. Please read description above for model specs.

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